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Air conditioner General Fujitsu ASHG09KMCC/AOHG09KMCC

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Inverter air conditioner General Fujitsu, KM Series, R32

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Брошура - серия KM

НОВ МОДЕЛ 2018!!!

High-wall model from Fujitsu General - KM series (standard series). This model features a slim and stylish design, which is achieved thanks to the high-density multi-channel heat exchanger and the highly efficient fan turbine. They work with R-32 refrigerant, which has several advantages for both the environment and consumers. Because it features high energy efficiency and lower global warming potential compared to versions using the R-410.


  • Economy mode - a mode in which energy consumption is reduced.
  • Automatic mode change - the appliance automatically switches from heating mode to cooling mode and back based on the temperature setting and the room temperature.
  • Sleep timer - microcomputer monitors the gradual change in room temperature, maintaining optimal parameters for a healthy night's rest.
  • Powerful mode - operation at maximum airflow and compressor speed to quickly ensure comfort in the room.
  • Adjust the valves up / down
  • Programmer timer - the digital timer allows you to select one of the following four options at a certain time: "On", "Off", "On-Off", "Off-On".
  • Automatic fan speed
  • 10 °C heating - the function does not allow the room temperature to fall below 10 °
  • Filter indicator - shows the need to clean the filter with a light indicator.
  • Quiet operation of the outdoor unit - the "low noise" mode of the outdoor unit can be selected from the remote control.
  • Automatic restart - in case of temporary power failure the air conditioner will automatically restart in the same operating mode as it was before after the power is restored.


9000 (2.5 KW)

Operating range - cooling, ° C

'-10 ~ +46 ºC

Operating range - heating, ° C

-15 to 24

Енергиен клас



to 36 months

electricity consumption - cooling, kW


For premises (sq. M)


Cooling power (kW)


Heating power (kW)


Noise level / Hi / Lo / S-lo /, dB


Product code



Fujitsu General

Dimensions Outdoor unit, mm


Dimensions Indoor body, mm






Type of air conditioner

Inverter air conditioner

Indoor body type

Wall type

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  • Air conditioner  General Fujitsu ASHG09KMCC/AOHG09KMCC

    Air conditioner General Fujitsu ASHG09KMCC/AOHG09KMCC

    1340 лв.
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