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Air purifiers

  • Daikin MCK55W air purifier

    Daikin MCK55W air purifier

    1602 лв.

Air purifiers are devices that ensure healthier and cleaner air all year round, regardless of the season and weather. We spend most of our daily lives indoors, where various odors accumulate - from tobacco smoke, cooking and more. , and in the air they contain many substances such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust particles, nitrogen dioxide and tropospheric ozone. And it is in such an environment that they are extremely necessary and useful.
A variety of air purifiers are available on the market, which differ in function, design, purification filters and characteristics. Among them there are products that, in addition to clean air, also take care of its humidity - purifier + humidifier, removing pollutants and dryness.
We offer you the models of the world-famous manufacturers - DAIKIN, LG and PHILIPS. They have proven quality, functionality and reliability, practically usable.

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