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Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General air conditioners
The Japanese company Fujitsu General / Fujitsu General is a leader in the production and sale of electronic and electrical equipment and has a wide range of household and air conditioning equipment from many generations - conventional, inverter, split system (wall, cassette), to the most modern - VRF. The company was founded on January 15, 1936 with headquarters in Kawasaki, Japan. They develop the following business segments: air conditioning, information communication and electronic devices. It has been gaining ground in the market since 1980, when the two companies Fujitsu and General merged into one powerful corporation for quality and sought-after products.

Air conditioning
The air conditioning segment deals with the development of air conditioners, multi-air conditioning systems for entire buildings, air / water hot water heating systems, as well as air conditioning products. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company's turnover exceeds 40 billion dollars for one year. The products are available in over 70 countries worldwide. As an ever-evolving company looking for innovative solutions combined with the dynamics of evolving times, Fujitsu General's goal is to produce ever better and more reliable products at competitive prices. The goals are energy efficiency, low noise at work, as well as highly efficient air purification.

Quality of Fujitsu products
You should have absolutely no doubts about the qualities of the equipment manufactured by Fujitsu General, as during the production of each component of the air conditioners of the brand 100% control is carried out, regardless of whether it happens in the Japanese factories of the company or in its exported branches in China, Turkey, the Czech Republic or another country. Statistics show that every 6th air conditioner sold in Japan is a product of Fujitsu General, which is a guarantee that for the highly demanding Japanese consumer is in demand and highly valued product - a guarantee of high quality and reliability of Fujitsu General air conditioners.

The success of the company - TOP prices
The secret of the company's success lies in a well-thought-out development strategy towards increasingly competitive and secure products, constantly working on improving existing ones and creating new modern and highly efficient innovative models. Using the technologically advanced and guaranteed impeccable quality of Fujitsu General air conditioners, every user feels in control of the situation.

Different types and models of air conditioners
Fujitsu offers both floor and ceiling models, along with inverters. There is a wide range of models, mainly aimed at ceiling models. Power figures range from a small 2.6kw to a massive 13.8kw - potentially enough for a large apartment! Ceiling models are flexible in installation and their relatively thin and light design means that they can be placed in a variety of areas. Doubling everything attractive for floor / ceiling consoles, Fujitsu cassette air conditioners are elegant little models that lie almost at the level of your ceiling. They can send air in four different directions, as opposed to the direction offered by wall models, and this contributes to their slightly higher efficiency. Fujitsu's range of cassette air conditioners is quite small, but there is not as much deviation between most cassette models.

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