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Aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiators or so-called glider radiators provide efficient and comfortable heating. They are assembled from individual gliders (ribs), which are added or removed, depending on the required power and size for heating the room. In order to be able to heat them evenly, it is necessary that the temperature of the fluid is not lower than 30 ° С and not higher than 60 ° С.
The aluminum radiators offered by us are manufactured by one of the largest Italian manufacturers of heating and plumbing systems Radiatori 2000 Srl - models Helyos and Kalis and Global radiators - model Mix. They have been proven over the years with high quality and combine advanced technologies, modern design, suitable for any interior. Thanks to the aluminum construction, which is characterized by high thermal conductivity, they provide maximum productivity, leading to a drastic reduction in costs.
Helyos radiators are characterized by good heat dissipation and excellent efficiency at affordable prices, which makes them one of the most popular and sought after in Bulgaria. They are suitable for connection in various systems such as heat pumps, gas boilers, central heat supply, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces with water jackets and others. Extremely light and cute, made of quality thick-walled aluminum alloy, covered with several coats of paint, these aluminum radiators are a wonderful choice for any home.
Kalis radiators are made of extruded and cast aluminum, combining functionality and heating power. They are characterized by higher glider heights of 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm.

The high-quality production of aluminum radiators Global Mix guarantees greater ease and speed of installation. They are characterized by long and reliable service life, high energy efficiency, modern and sophisticated design.

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