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Central Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Central air conditioning requires precision and accurate design.

Mega Electronics specializes in the construction of projects such as heat pump air-to-air split systems, VRV air conditioning systems, and chiller systems.

The products we offer are from leading manufacturers such as Daikin,  Gree, AtlanticPanasonic. We can prepare a project for you according to the needs of your premises, certified and approved by the relevant authorities.

Behind our experience are built sites such as Park Hotel Vitosha, SPA Hotel Sandanski, NEK, Kaufland Sliven, Kaufland Shumen, Mall Lyulin, Ring Mall, Paradise Mall, and many other administrative and office buildings and restaurants for public use are successfully air-conditioned by us.


Also a large number of built heat pump air-air systems in various combinations such as:

  • Underfloor heating;
  • Convector heating;
  • Radiator heating.

In the convector version for water systems, such as chillers and heat pumps, we have a wide range of different types of convectors such as:

  • Floor convectors;
  • Ceiling convectors;
  • Duct convectors;
  • Cassette convectors;
  • Built-in convectors;
  • High-wall convectors.

We can offer our clients a complete organization of a project and its subsequent implementation until commissioning, and adjustment measurements by a certified body.

We have installation teams in the following cities:

• Sofia • Plovdiv • Varna • Veliko Tarnovo
• Burgas • Ruse • Vidin • Sliven • Dupnitsa • Blagoevgrad

The large coverage we have built on the Mega Electronics chain makes us competitive in the price offered and the speed of the project.

For more information and inquiries in connection with the preparation of a project or the valuation of an existing one, you can send your inquiry.


Building ventilation systems must be implemented by specialized companies in the field of ventilation systems, which have sufficient experience in engineering, production, supply, and installation of this type of systems, as the necessary knowledge, staffing to perform this type of activity and last but not least capacity to comply with the assigned deadlines for implementation. 

Ventilation systems are divided into several areas:

  • Ventilation systems for residential and office buildings and restaurants
  • Industrial ventilation equipment
  • Ventilation equipment for the hospital sector
ventilaciq noshtni klubove megael

We at Mega Electronics specialize in the implementation of ventilation systems with a wide application - residential and administrative ventilation, as well as ventilation systems for restaurants compliant with all requirements of the RIEW, regulations, and legal norms and acts. Our experience and human resources allow us to implement many projects for the construction of ventilation systems of residential buildings, complexes of residential buildings, office buildings, government agencies and institutions, as well as many separate sites, establishments, which are required by law. the construction of a ventilation system.

During this process, representatives of the contracting authority and the contractor maintain constant contact, joint meetings are organized, etc., this is necessary,  to be able to specify technical solutions, insignificant changes in implementation, etc. so that the final result is satisfactory for both the Investor and the Contractor. 

The last step, which is a mandatory part of building a ventilation system, is measuring all points - Setting up the system, setting up the diffusers, and issuing the necessary documents for the future legalization of the entire installation - Setup protocols, declarations of conformity and certificates for quality of the invested equipment and materials for construction of ventilation system, as well as certificates of the contractor for the construction of this type of activity. Mega Electronics does not perform ventilation systems without a project provided or implemented by us.

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Mega Electronics in its 10 years of experience in the construction of ventilation systems has completed over 100 sites in the ventilation segment of our installations for residential and administrative buildings and restaurants. Concerning residential buildings and restaurants, the type of ventilation equipment depends entirely on the engineering solutions that the designer has set in the specific project, according to the needs and requirements of the building. Depending on this, the various objects are made with square air ducts made of galvanized sheet metal and straight round air ducts - Spiro channels - spiral coiled, which allow visible installation, and at the request of the investor can be painted in RAL color. 

This type of installation is especially popular in restaurants, nightclubs, and more. Square air ducts allow the implementation of larger dimensions, which makes them indispensable in the construction of large building ventilation systems. This type of duct is for concealed installation chambers, fans of all types, including explosion-proof, valves, reg. Elements, filters, and everything necessary for the construction of ventilation systems of any type with different capacities and parameters. We offer and install equipment from leading world manufacturers in the field of ventilation equipment, and the materials and equipment we offer are accompanied by quality certificates and declarations of conformity!

Construction of ventilation facilities for residential, office buildings, and restaurants are offered individually! For this reason, to receive an offer for the construction of this type of system, in the first place you must have a project available and a CS to it, based on which you can receive a valuation from us. In case of an unavailable project, we can deal with the design of your specific site, but the design is paid separately and its price varies, depending on the size of the project, complexity, etc. Regarding the design we perform, you will receive the value after giving us an exact design assignment! 

After receiving a project and evaluating its base from us, you do not undertake at any cost to choose us as a contractor to build the ventilation system that is designed!

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