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Prevention of air conditioners

Mega Electronics is a major representative of many leading brands in the air conditioning industry and is also an authorized service center, featuring a first-class level of all professional services offered. Our goal is not only to sell air conditioning systems but also to provide quality and reliable service of appliances, as well as safe maintenance and subscription maintenance. Our company is dedicated to providing a package of comprehensive services that meet all possible needs of our customers in the field of air conditioning.


Mega Electronics is pleased to confirm the provision of services for maintenance and subscription maintenance of air conditioners in private homes as well as in commercial and office facilities, restaurants, banks, hospitals, and others. Air conditioners in private homes should be serviced once a year. The beginning of the summer season is a good time to clean your air conditioner, as in cooling mode there may be an unpleasant odor from the air conditioner if it is not cleaned soon. For appliances in offices, servers, warehouses, and commercial premises, restaurants, and various institutions, it is recommended to carry out prevention twice a year, as there is almost no interruption of the work process and air pollution is more intense.

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Why is regular maintenance of your air conditioner so important? All air conditioners need annual maintenance to maintain their efficiency level. With proper maintenance, your air conditioning system will operate more economically and more reliably for many years to come. With a few easy and routine procedures, our technicians will ensure maximum energy efficiency and comfort. Poorly maintained air conditioners can cause high electricity bills, and proper and efficient maintenance can change that. Another unpleasant factor is bad odors due to the accumulation of dust, mold, bacteria, microorganisms. Your air conditioner can lose up to 5% of its overall efficiency each year if not maintained properly and regularly. Air conditioning systems, which have reached their peak efficiency thanks to professional maintenance can lead to a reduction in electricity bills to an impressive 25%. In addition to increasing energy efficiency, annual maintenance doubles the life of the appliance.


All owners of air conditioners should not forget that the cleaning of the dust collection filters of the indoor unit should be done often - every two weeks to ensure the correct and efficient operation of the appliance. However, the annual maintenance of your air conditioner must be carried out by a qualified person to avoid possible damage to the appliance or accidents and risks to your health. Also, special instruments and devices are required to read some operating parameters of the device.

The annual maintenance of the air conditioner includes a comprehensive assessment of the condition and efficiency of the appliance, as well as cleaning of the external (if necessary) and internal heat exchanger (with a deep-disinfectant disinfectant). The air filters are cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning is especially important to preserve the power of the appliance, as well as to remove any unpleasant odors caused by cigarette smoke, mold, house dust. In case the air conditioner is slightly dirty, partial prophylaxis is done, but in the case of more heavily polluted appliances, complete disassembly and cleaning are required. Another part that needs regular cleaning is the turbine blades to maintain their efficiency and avoid high electricity bills.

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According to the manufacturers of different brands of air conditioners on the market, the possible evaporation of the refrigerant - freon in the atmosphere varies from 0% - 0.5% to 15% - 20%. For this reason, annual air conditioner maintenance involves supplementing the system with refrigerant. The absence of refrigerant in the system can be a major cause of irreparable damage. Also, the operating pressure and the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant are measured.

Last but not least, our technicians check the electrical connections in the system. The drainage system is also inspected and cleaned.

The complete maintenance of the air conditioning system includes the dismantling of the device and its transportation to the service base, where the system is treated and cleaned completely. It is then delivered to the customer, reassembled and the technical parameters are measured.

Mega Electronics performs maintenance and subscription support of all brands it offers on the market: Daikin, Fujitsu General, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Gree, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, and others. It is also important to note that we have our own highly qualified teams of technicians and do not rely on external contractors.

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Please note that the prices below include cleaning of the internal and external heat exchanger.

УслугаЦЕНА за брой
Профилактика на климатици в частни домове
60,00 лв.
Профилактика на професионален клас климатици – таванно-подови, колонни, касетъчни, канални100,00 лв.
Цялостно почистване на вътрешно тяло с демонтаж в сервиз на климатик до 15 000BTU 100,00 лв.
Цялостно почистване с демонтаж в сервиз на двете тела на климатик до 15 000BTU160,00 лв.
Цялостно почистване на вътрешно тяло с демонтаж в сервиз на климатик от 15 000 до 24 000 BTU150,00 лв.
Цялостно почистване с демонтаж в сервиз на двете тела на климатик от 15 000 до 24 000 BTU200,00 лв.
Профилактика на мулти сплит система с две вътрешни тела 100,00 лв.
Профилактика на мулти сплит система с три вътрешни тела 140,00 лв
Профилактика на мулти сплит система с четири вътрешни тела 180,00 лв.
Профилактика на мулти сплит система с пет вътрешни тела 200,00 лв.
Допълнително почистване на турбина /в зависимост от сложността на разглобяване на тялото/от 40 до 100,00 лв.
Абонаментна поддръжкапо запитване

The indicated prices are in Bulgarian levs and incl. VAT!

Mega Electronics offers discounts for larger sites, which are determined by the number of air conditioning systems, as well as when concluding a contract for subscription maintenance.


In conclusion, we would like to note that regular professional maintenance of air conditioning systems in your home or business premises is of paramount importance, as it reduces the risk of health problems and saves you the cost of high electricity bills or the need to purchase a brand new one. device. Provide a clean and healthy environment in your home, office, and commercial space at an affordable price by choosing Mega Electronics! For additional information about the prevention and subscription support services offered by Mega Electronics, do not hesitate to call us at 0893 618 978  or send your inquiry to the profile We will be happy to be useful to you in case you are interested in reliable maintenance and subscription maintenance of air conditioners in your home or office.

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