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Delivery of air conditioners

Online store for air conditioners Mega Electronics is pleased to confirm the availability of services delivery and installation of air conditioning systems purchased from us. We offer free delivery within the city of Sofia and other cities where we have offices such as Plovdiv, Pleven, Vidin, Petrich, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Pazardzhik, Varna, Dupnitsa, Burgas, Yambol, Vratsa, Targovishte convenient solutions for transport to any part of the country, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of really high-quality and reliable installation of the purchased device, performed by our highly qualified technicians. Although we do not have offices throughout the country, we can organize your delivery and installation to any point in Bulgaria at preferential prices with our business partners.

Free delivery of air conditioners from Mega Electronics within the city of Sofia and all our stores in the country.

Mega Electronics provides the convenience of free delivery of the ordered air conditioning systems for all customers within the guards in which we have a store network. Delivery is made on the day of installation of the air conditioner shortly after ordering and confirming your order. We arrange in advance the day and time of delivery and installation to be convenient for you, our customers, as well as for us to properly organize our schedule.

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Mega Electronics delivers air conditioners to any point in Bulgaria, with pre-agreed terms and conditions of delivery.

The deliveries of the air conditioning systems are made exactly to the address of the residential or commercial premises for which they are provided. Delivery of the delivery to the respective floor for end customers is free and is not charged separately.

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Mega Electronics has a commercial network of stores in the following cities on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria:

CityАдресТелефониДопълнителна информация
СОФИЯ – ЦЕНТРАЛЕН ОФИСул. ”Околовръстен път № 487”0893 645 726, 0893 013 241
СОФИЯ – Юг ул.”Иван Сусанин” 43 0893 645 726, 0893 013 241
СОФИЯ – Запад ж.к. Люлин 7, бл. 752 0894 343 150
ПЛОВДИВул. „Христо Ботев” 152 0893 618 978
ВАРНА – 1 ул. „Георги Бенковски“ 13 0878 667 337
БУРГАСбул. „Демокрация“ 128 0893 618 985
ПЛЕВЕНул. „Сан Стефано“ 29 0893 618 977
ВЕЛИКО ТЪРНОВО /Франчайз/ ул. „Полтава“ 3 0895 561 319
РУСЕ /Франчайз/ ул. „Плиска“ 2 0893 645 720
ПЕТРИЧ – 1 /Франчайз/ ул. „ул. Цар Борис ІІІ“ 39 0876 150 893, 0884 150 893, 0893 618 982
ПЕТРИЧ-2 /Франчайз/ ул. „Пирин“ 28 0876 150 893, 0884 150 893, 0893 618 982
ВИДИН /Франчайз/ ул. „Цар Симеон Велики“ 85 0893 013 212
ДУПНИЦАул. „Патриарх Евтимий“ 13 0895 561 318
ВРАЦА /Франчайз/ жк. Дъбника до бл. 32 0893 013 207, 0887 598 890
СЛИВЕН /Франчайз/ ул. Генерал Столипин 25 0886 301 365
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In each of our stores in the capital and the country, you can take advantage of the wide range of air conditioning systems. Our employees can offer you the optimal option for you, with a perfect value for money, fully compliant with your requirements and the volume of the room. They will advise you on technical specifications, benefits, and feedback from other users. Our employees have many years of experience in installing and repairing the wide range of air conditioners we offer, and at the same time, they are constantly enriching their knowledge in this field to keep up with innovations and innovations in the air conditioning industry.

Mega Electronics also offers complete solutions for air conditioning and ventilation of buildings. We can boast of a large number of concluded contracts for subscription support with corporate clients throughout the country. Highly qualified employees in our stores can give you quality advice regarding the choice of air conditioners, and professional technicians are certified to perform installation, dismantling, and subscription service of all brands of air conditioners offered by Mega Electronics. In the above-mentioned stores of the company, we keep air conditioners in stock, and when ordering larger quantities we provide fast delivery.

Please keep in mind the fact that we assist in case of interest in purchasing an air conditioning system on a leasing basis. All our clients - individuals and companies can be sure that they will find a safe and reliable partner in our person!

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