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Gree - innovative and reliable air conditioners
Gree is a company founded in 1991. initially only assembling air conditioners for residential use. Now it has become a technological global industrial group, whose business deals with air conditioners, household appliances, high-end equipment and communication equipment. Gree products are sold in more than 160 countries and regions and continue to adhere to the real economy, supporting the path of development of autonomy and independence in innovation and implementation of management, production automation and product intelligence. Gree directs the technological development of the international refrigeration industry, creates more leading technologies in the field of intelligent equipment and communication equipment.

Gree air conditioners
Remarkably energy efficient air conditioners with a wide price range for wall mounting - highly rated and recommended products. Gree is a modern high-tech company with modern devices with WiFi and high energy efficiency.
Gree is a manufacturer of №1 air conditioners in the world and has been №1 in the world market share since 2005. Gree offers a proven quality production facility with ISO 9001 quality management systems and has a test facility that pre-tests all key components (compressors, fan motors, inverter drives) before being used in the production line. Gree employs a huge staff in 3 research institutions and 3 product development centers with over 300 accredited laboratories, 3500 patents in the field of air conditioning and heating.
Are you looking for a reliable solution for cooling your living space? Are you worried about the scorching heat in the summer? With Gree air conditioners you can experience comfortable and pleasant room temperatures with minimal energy consumption.
Gree offers a wide range of products for the residential and commercial sector and its products include electric fans, heaters, air purifiers, water dispensers, water jugs, induction cookers, humidifiers. Gree excels in every way in terms of quality, performance and energy saving capabilities. Its air conditioning systems are some of the best and are designed to work perfectly almost anywhere in any climate. Gree also offers a variety of technologies that attract customers around the world, such as its famous universal Wi-Fi technology is absolutely stunning - it allows you to control your device remotely using your smartphone!
Gree manufactures tons of different products every year to meet the modern needs of all customers and as a result provides high flexibility to end users with its reliable and quality products. Gree air conditioners are known for exceptional quality and performance all over the world. They offer great value for the resource you have invested while completing the task. Thanks to their energy-saving features and reliable cooling, these modules are an attraction for most users.

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