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Product Description

PULAR ECO series - distinguished by high quality and low prices. The series presents four capacities, which are the successors of the already well-known BORA. They work with R-32 refrigerant, which has several advantages, both for the environment and for consumers - it is characterized by high energy efficiency and lower global warming potential, compared to versions using R-410.


  • Ionizer (Cold Plasma) – a built-in generator of negative ions that helps refresh the air in the room and remove harmful bacteria.
  • Minimum external operating temperature in heating mode -15°С
  • Regulating element - capillary tube (size 24EEV)
  • WiFi module – elegantly integrated behind the front panel of the air conditioner, through applications available for iPhone and Android based phones.
  • I-Feel – one of the unique features of the Gree climate system, in which a temperature sensor is built into the remote control. When activated, the "I Feel" mode will maintain the set temperature where the remote control is located. This allows for greater temperature control wherever you are.
  • Timer
  • Automatic restart – in the event of a temporary power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart in the previous mode after the power is restored.
  • Hot start
  • Self-diagnosis - simplifies maintenance by indicating system errors or operational anomalies.
  • Intelligent defrosting system – it ensures that this mode will be used only when needed and not at a fixed time interval.
  • Supportive winter mode
  • Night mode
  • Drying the heat exchanger of the indoor unit after shutdown
  • 7 indoor unit fan speeds


12000 (4.0 KW), 12000 (4.0 KW)

Работен диапазон - охлаждане, °C

-15 to +43, -15 to +43

Работен диапазон - отопление, °C

'-15 ~ 24°C, '-15 ~ 24°C


3.43, 3.43

Енергиен клас

A++/A+, A++/A+


to 60 months, до 60 месеца, до 60 месеца

Ел.Консумация - охлаждане,kW

0,93 (0,22 - 1,3), 0,93 (0,22 - 1,3)

Ел.Консумация - отопление,kW

0,87 (0,22 - 1,5), 0,87 (0,22 - 1,5)

За помещения (кв. м)

до 25, to25, до 25

Мощност при охлаждане (kW)

3,20 (0,9 - 3,7), 3,20 (0,9 - 3,7)

Мощност при отопление (kW)

3,40 (0,9 - 4,1), 3,40 (0,9 - 4,1)

Ниво на шум /Hi/Lo/S-lo/, dB

41/37/35/33/31/27/22, 41/37/35/33/31/27/22


Gree, Gree


China, Китай, Китай

Размери Вътрешно тяло,мм

825×293×196, 825×293×196


4.10, 4.10


6.50, 6.50

Тип на климатика

Inverter air conditioner, Inverter air conditioner

Тип на вътрешно тяло

Wall type, Wall type

Цвят на панела

White, Бял, Бял

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