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Mitsubishi Heavy industry

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a Japanese company established in 1884 in Tokyo. It is one of the main companies of the Mitsubishi Group. Mitsubishi c is a world-leading leader in the production of air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and premises. The company's efforts are aimed at achieving maximum indoor comfort and began only in the distant 1921 with the invention of the electric fan, which instantly became a hit and a little more than 10 years later began production of cooling systems and air conditioners. The challenge is to create air conditioning systems that are both suitable for the climatic needs and conditions in Japan, which requires the development and improvement of systems and leads to secure machines and air conditioning systems that can withstand any time and load. The results are silence, high energy efficiency and minimal impact on the environment for many years.

Sophisticated, quiet and economical air conditioners
High technology and perfect performance invariably lead to high productivity. Numerous range of offers leads to very large options for choosing exclusive and inspiring features. In addition to air conditioners, inverter models of air conditioners appear in many possibilities for various characteristics, where you have the option of choosing models with constant speed, those with floor or cassette modifications according to your needs. Choose the best innovative series of air conditioning equipment to suit your needs.

Innovative series of air conditioners with leading performance in the industry
High combined program, minimized energy consumption and of course low final and current energy costs - a technology consisting of two types of indoor rotary air conditioners. The range offers you an incredible selection of numerous types and characteristics of indoor and outdoor units. You can easily, practically, conveniently and efficiently configure your own system that best meets your requirements and needs for air conditioning in the environment in which you are and the results you are looking for.

The innovative series of air conditioners use only original technologies that improve the maximum capacity of Mitsubishi heating systems. The innovations lead to the super quality of the range of air conditioners that are offered, providing you with continuous comfort, excellent heating characteristics, powered by a heat pump of the latest generation.

Improvements in the series include efficiency and flexibility in the possibilities for expanding the climate system, and this is the best solution when multi-system climate needs have to be met.

The brand is one of the leaders in the industry and offers great flexibility of the system, highly efficient in its work and as a result, of course, has the lowest possible energy consumption. The systems use innovative technologies and offer the benefits of flexible installation, energy savings and ultra-quiet operation, all combined with the reliability and quality of work promised on behalf of Mitsubishi.

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