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Atlantic is a popular French brand around the world, which has proven its prestige as an expert in all areas of heating systems and appliances for comfort and efficiency. It was founded in 1968 in France and is a specialized company for heating systems with proven first-class design, innovative solutions and high-tech systems. Atlantic has a wide range of modern and reliable economical water heaters, electric convectors, electric bathroom scales, high-end heat pumps and much more. Today, the brand has established itself in France, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia, growing and gaining ground around the world.
Atlantic's priorities are quality, innovation and modernization to keep up with new technologies, elegant design, unparalleled comfort, unprecedented efficiency and reliability, uncompromising safety.

Domestic water heating
Hot water systems are invariably linked to your hot water needs, the requirements of your available heating system and the required water quality that is available where you are. Mega Electronics employees can always offer you different solutions in your choice of electric water heaters, and even such systems that combine your water heater with solar heating - innovative water heaters with renewable energy sources. You can no doubt rely on Atlantic brand products. They will satisfy your need for hot water.

Atlantic electric water heaters
The brand has the widest range of various electric water heaters that meet all specific and technical requirements. They with different volumes from 10 to 300 liters, such as Atlantic electric water heaters, have numerous variations in capacity, shape, design and technology to be on par and give you the necessary variety in response to the configuration of your home. With intelligent features, Atlantic water heaters are able to help households have maximum energy efficiency and continuous availability of domestic hot water.

Atlantic heat pumps
Atlantic heat pumps are the perfect solution for absolutely any weather conditions for hot water production. They are the perfect way to save through clean energy to heat water. Atlantic provides you with highly efficient and innovative cost-effective water heating solutions that provide you with the much-needed comfort and economy for your home.

Atlantic electric convectors
The Atlantic brand also offers a wide range of space heating solutions. With Atlantic's diverse range of electric convectors, you don't have to choose between the comfort you need and the economy you want. Depending on the type of heat you need, Atlantic offers you aesthetics and power to meet your criteria in finding a solution with heating radiators, heating heaters and electric convectors.

Atlantic electric pounds for bathroom heating
The diverse choice of solutions in the field of bathroom heating from the Atlantic brand provides you with the comfort and economy you need. Your bathroom needs more than any other room of stylish warmth and optimal comfort. The uncompromising quality of Atlantic heating appliances guarantees you efficiency and design solutions.

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