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Product Description

Инструкция за експлоатация Брошура

VIESSMANN VITODENS 050-W gas boilers provide highly efficient comfortable heating and domestic hot water. They are manufactured in Germany according to the highest technological and environmental standards and are distinguished by compact dimensions, quiet operation, easy maintenance and servicing, and a long service life.

Through them, reduced fuel consumption is achieved, through the so-called condensation technique - not only the heat that arises as a measurable temperature during the combustion process is used, but also the water vapor content. This leads to lower costs, which in order to be tangible, it is necessary that the individual components of the heating system are optimally sized to each other.

We offer you the main ones in a PACKAGE that includes:

  • Single-circuit wall-mounted gas boiler Vitodense 050-w - 25 kw
  • Flue elbow set and transition through wall, 60/100mm

VITODENS 050-W gas boilers can be installed in a niche in a bathroom or storage room; to hang on a wall in a kitchen, bedroom or other room. Thanks to their elegant design, they fit seamlessly into any interior.

They are used both for one- and two-family houses, as well as for apartments, residential buildings, new construction or modernization.


  • For connecting to a volumetric water heater
  • New burner MatriX-Plus made of stainless steel, which is distinguished by high efficiency, low harmful emissions and low noise levels.
  • Lambda Pro automatic combustion control
  • Diaphragm expansion tank and high efficiency pump
  • Modulation 1:8
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • LCD-Touch display - easy control
  • Speed ​​adjustable fan for quiet and energy-saving operation
  • Built-in WiFi communication module for Internet connection
  • Nominal power heating KW -50/30C - 3.2-25.0
  • Nominal power heating KW -80/60C - 2.9-22.4

*Optional accessories are not included in the listed price and are paid extra.

*10-year warranty for leaks due to corrosion of all stainless steel heat exchangers for condensing boilers up to 150 kW - upon conclusion of a preventive maintenance contract with a service company and provision of a completed report book with annual preventive maintenance recorded in it. Gas, water and combustion air qualities according to Viessmann regulations.

The price shown is for the listed package components. The costs for installing a gas boiler are calculated based on a specific project.

Енергиен клас



24 months

Номинална мощност -50/30C- kW
Номинална мощност -80/60C- kW




Размери mm



Single loop

Модулация на мощността

от 3.2 до 25.0 KW

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