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Multi-split system Viessmann Vitoclima 300-S with HE 04F3080M2

4897 лв.

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купи на изплащане
  • Multi-split system VITOCLIMA 300-S, outdoor unit HE 04F3080M2 in combination with 2 pcs. Indoor units W2035MHE2.
  • R 32, Wi-Fi, Guaranteed heating up to -22 ° C.
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Product Description


Multi-split systems   VITOCLIMA 300-S, of the world-famous manufacturer in the field of air conditioning - VIESSMANN are developed to create a complete system for the needs of heating and cooling of residential and office premises.

Multi-split system VITOCLIMA 300-S, outdoor unit HE 04F3080M2 in combination with 2 pcs. W2035MHE2 indoor units allow the air conditioning of three rooms, each of which can be set to an individual temperature. They combine high quality, efficiency, reliability and long service life. The devices are equipped with intelligent control and economical operating modes. The indoor units have a stylish and casual design, blending seamlessly with any interior.

They work with environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, thanks to which they reach high values ​​of seasonal energy efficiency SEER and SCOP with less amount of charged refrigerant, sparing the environment. The series falls into energy class A ++ in cooling mode and A + in heating mode. The bodies operate in a wide temperature range: from -15 ° C to + 43 ° C - for cooling and from -22 ° C to + 24 ° C - for heating.


  • "I feel" function - uses a room temperature sensor located in the remote control  
  • Ionizer - a cold plasma generator that breaks down organic compounds, destroying bacteria and disinfecting the environment
  • Filter for effective air purification
  • 24-hour timer - allows you to preset the on and off time
  • Electronic display with backlight
  • Electronic TRV
  • Anti-corrosion coating of the lamellas of the outdoor unit
  • Warm start - in heating mode the fan switches on with a delay to achieve the effect of blowing warm air immediately after switching on the fan
  • Turbo mode - fast heating/cooling of the room
  • Swing - electronic horizontal and vertical adjustment of the blinds
  • Sleep - "sleep" function for night mode
  • Dehumidification function
  • Function 8 ° C
  • Automatic restart
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module with the ability to control from a mobile application

The costs for installation of a multi-split system are calculated additionally, depending on the location of the bodies, the pipe routes, the need to build supply and condensation lines.



Работен диапазон - охлаждане, °C

-15 to +43

Работен диапазон - отопление, °C

-22 to +24

Енергиен клас



to 60 months, до 60 месеца

Хладилен агент

R 32

Ел.Консумация - охлаждане,kW


Ел.Консумация - отопление,kW


Мощност при охлаждане (kW)


Мощност при отопление (kW)


Ниво на шум /Hi/Lo/S-lo/, dB




Размери Външно тяло,мм


Размери Вътрешно тяло,мм






Тип на климатика
Тип на вътрешно тяло

Wall type

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