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Gas double-circuit condensing boiler Daikin D2CND024A1A- 24KW

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Gas double-circuit condensing boiler DAIKIN, Altherma 3 C Gas W

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Product Description

Gas condensing boiler, designed with innovative condensing technology to provide efficient and reliable heating and hot water - DAIKIN



Heat exchanger developed by Daikin

  • Flexible in use and installation thanks to the most compact dimensions (only 0.23 square meters of space);
  • Low weight and Lambda Gx combustion technology - with the Lambda GX control system, the right combination of air and gas is adjusted to achieve efficient combustion, resulting in higher cost savings. To achieve an efficient combustion process, the gas is gradually released into the mixture until the ideal gas-to-air ratio is achieved. This feature also extends the life of the device and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Quiet operation due to the wide range of fan modulation;
  • Facilitated maintenance thanks to the components available at the front;
  • Easy heating control from your smartphone or tablet with the Daikin application;
  • Unique design and stylish front panel;

Daikin Online Controller - Daikin's online control application can monitor and monitor the condition of your heating system and allows you to monitor:

  • Condition of your heating system;
  • Energy consumption;
  • Energy consumption charts;
  • Operating mode and set temperature;
  • Remote control of your system and domestic hot water
  • The set temperature and mode of operation with up to 6 actions per day for 7 days;
  • Holiday mode;
  • Intuitive viewing;
  • Unique user interface that is liked by all end users;
  • The most modern technology - corresponds to the user-friendly design;
  • The side details and the convex front panel provide an integrated view;

Daikin Eye- you can monitor the working condition of your combined boiler:

  • when the Daikin Eye shows a blue color, it means that the combined boiler is functioning properly;
  • when the Daikin Eye shows a red color, it means that the combined boiler is out of operation and requires a maintenance check;
  • Condensing technology - 93% Efficiency:

the technology includes a modulating fan that perfectly mixes the combustion air and the fuel before reaching the burner (air / gas mixer) to ensure high efficiency combustion;

  • gas condensing combined boilers: The flue gases collide with water that flows in before they are discharged. Therefore, latent heat is then released into the water vapor;
  • High-efficiency pump with frequency control - there is a circulating pump for distributing water through the heating system.
  • Sound power: 49 db (A) - the sound level that is heard near the device. The noise level is similar to heating a dishwasher operating in an adjoining room.
  • when burning 1 m3 of natural gas, 1.7 kg of water vapor is released into the flue gases as latent heat. Instead of being located through the chimney, the water vapor containing latent heat is recirculated and subsequently reheated by a uniquely designed heat exchanger.
  • condensation is formed as a result of cooling the water vapor to a temperature below the dew point and then drains through a siphon. Condensing technology uses optimal fuel efficiency, with reduced NOx and CO emissions, to ensure high cost savings and low environmental impact;
  • High modulation speed 1 / 8- the ability to adjust the power of the burner ensures trouble-free and continuous operation of the device. Smooth operation of the system means increased comfort, low risk of system failure and the ability to neutralize emissions of harmful substances that may occur during ignition.
  • The electronic control also automatically provides modulation.

The costs for installation and accessories of a gas boiler are calculated on the basis of a specific project.

Енергиен клас



24 months




Daikin EU

Размери mm


Тегло - кг



Double loop, with the possibility of a volumetric boiler

Топлинна мощност  KW


Модулация на мощността

от 2.9 до 23.5 KW

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