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Air conditioning INVENTOR AR5VI-18WFI/ AR5VO-18

1699 лв.

Standard Installation Included

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12 x 158.57 лв.

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INVENTOR air conditioner, ARIA 5 WIFI series

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Product Description

INVENTOR air conditioners from the ARIA 5 WIFI series are developed using innovative methods and technologies. The internal fixtures have a clean and elegant design, which makes them suitable for any interior. The air conditioners of the series are designed to provide year-round comfort and coziness, both for heating and cooling needs.


  • Ionizer - contributes in a natural and effective way to remove harmful particles, such as microbes, bacteria, pollen viruses, tobacco dust,  
  • HEPA Filter - removes even the smallest particles of dust in the air. Eliminates germs, reducing the possibility of developing allergies and diseases, providing healthy and clean air  
  • Four-way airflow  
  • Triple action filter  
  • Golden Fin heat exchanger coating against corrosion and bacteria  
  • WiFi
  • Low noise levels - 24dB(A)    
  • 8°C heating
  • Hotel Menu - a package of functions that are specially created to help the better and economical operation of the air conditioners installed in hotels.  
  • Possibility of control through a central controller (up to 64 machines)  
  • Self cleaning






18000 (6.0 KW)

Енергиен клас
Охладителна мощност
Отоплителна мощност





Вграден контролер

Цвят на панела


Ел.Консумация - охлаждане,kW
Ел.Консумация - отопление,kW
Хладилен агент

R 32

Ниво на шум /Hi/Lo/S-lo/, dB
Размери Вътрешно тяло,мм


Размери Външно тяло,мм


Работен диапазон - охлаждане, °C

-15 до +50

Работен диапазон - отопление, °C

-15 до +30

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