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Air conditioner Daikin FTXZ35N/RXZ35N Ururu Sarara

6656 лв.

60 months Warranty

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Daikin inverter split system, FTXZ-N URURU SARARA R32



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Product Description

Brochure Daikin Ururu Sarara

The air conditioners of the FTXZ-N URURU SARARA R32 series are technologically perfect, with a unique design and provide a perfect indoor climate. The first air conditioner in Europe with a new environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, which has several advantages for both the environment and consumers. Because it features high energy efficiency and lower global warming potential than the versions using the R-410. They are designed using the latest technology and meet the highest requirements of European technical standards, and their energy efficiency reaches A +++. They can cool, heat, purify, ventilate, humidify and dry the air.

Product features:

  • An intelligent eye for three zones, thanks to which energy is saved and currents are prevented. Taking into account the presence in the room, it automatically switches to energy-saving mode within 20 minutes after the last capture.
  • Whether cooling or heating, comfortable conditions are maintained, but with minimal energy consumption. The airflow is automatically directed away from the people in the room
  • Energy-saving mode when many appliances are switched on and there is a possibility of overloading the electrical network. It can also be used when you want to reduce energy consumption
  • Mode of comfortable airflow, both for heating and cooling. The air in the room is distributed automatically in the room, avoiding direct targeting to people
  • 3-D airflow - airflow can be adjusted up, down, left and right, as well as automatically
  • Full power mode - with the push of a button to quickly reach the desired temperature in the shortest possible time, automatically switching back to the set normal operating mode after 20 minutes
  • Mode of silent operation of an indoor unit
  • Mode of silent operation of the outdoor unit
  • A weekly timer that allows up to four work periods to be set per day, seven days a week
  • Opportunity for online management. With an online controller that allows you to adjust your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This is an accessory that is purchased separately and connects to a local internet network. It can also be connected to complex home automation or building management systems with Modbus or KNX communication protocols or for Daikin central control.
  • Air purification filter based on Dakin Flash Streamer technology, which provides continuous clean and fresh air and destroys all viruses and bacteria Odor filter with titanium apatite
  • High-quality crystal white matte finish
  • A new design of the remote control, also with high quality matte white coating for a perfect combination
  • Anti-corrosion coating on the fins of the external heat exchanger
  • The outdoor units are equipped with a swinging piston compressor, known for its low noise level and high energy efficiency.
  • Automatic cleaning of air filters
  • Operating mode - up to -20
  • Information about indoor and outdoor temperature, the humidity level in the room, current and total electricity consumption
  • 2 levels of fresh air ventilation

* 60 months warranty - STAND BY ME DAIKIN - when performing the prevention service, at the end of the third and at the end of the fourth year, which is paid extra.


12000 (4.0 KW)

Работен диапазон - охлаждане, °C
Работен диапазон - отопление, °C




Енергиен клас



to 36 months

Ел.Консумация - охлаждане,kW

136 kwh - per year

Ел.Консумация - отопление,kW


За помещения (кв. м)

to 30

Мощност при охлаждане (kW)

3,5 (0,6-5,3)

Мощност при отопление (kW)

5,0 (0,6-9,0)

Ниво на шум /Hi/Lo/S-lo/, dB


Продуктов код





Czech Republic

Размери Външно тяло,мм


Размери Вътрешно тяло,мм




Тип на климатика

Inverter air conditioner

Тип на вътрешно тяло

Wall type

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