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Viessmann is a leading manufacturer of heating, cooling and industrial equipment. In 2017 the company celebrated its 100th anniversary on the world market and 10 years of Viessmann Bulgaria. Viessmann is a manufacturer of modern heating systems and to this day continues to grow. The company offers its customers products such as: heat pumps, solar collectors, condensing boilers and photovoltaic equipment, which provide heating and reduce costs. These products protect the environment and reduce the use of fossil fuels. Viessmann is constantly looking for new innovative solutions to improve its product range using renewable energy sources.

Viessmann offers you a quality that makes your life easier in its high-tech solutions. As one of the leading manufacturers on the world market for efficient, safe and practical heating products. The innovative systems are practical, convenient and comfortable for installation, subsequent safe service and trouble-free use. Viessmann has a very rich catalog of German engineering products such as gas boilers with combined solutions for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial buildings, public buildings such as schools, universities, hospitals and much more. The product range of the brand is large - air conditioning equipment of a new generation, safe gas boilers, boilers, collectors, heat pump systems.

Heat pump air conditioners and cooling systems from Viessmann
Heat pump air conditioners (AC) and cooling systems are two different methods of cooling a room / building, giving you the incredible opportunity to use the available renewable energy to cool your rooms to the perfect temperature regardless of the weather outside. They are more environmentally friendly, more practical and more economical than ordinary electrical systems and will minimize your energy costs.

»Passive cooling - through these cooling systems referring to the heat pump principle with water containing the necessary energy, as a heat exchanger transfers energy. These methods are also known as natural cooling systems.

»Active cooling - the active cooling system functions as the refrigeration circuit is reversed by changing the first and second circuit from the outside, resembling the operation of a refrigerator and thus generating cooling capacity.

Viessmann gas condensing boilers
The gas condensing boiler is known to be as economical and clean as possible as a method of heating the home or office by minimizing monthly heating costs and minimizing harmful effects on the environment.

Highly efficient Viessmann flat solar collectors
The company also has on the market high-quality flat collectors that provide environmentally friendly solar energy efficiently, safely and without appeal for years. They are suitable for absolutely all types of solar heating installations and you get maximum efficiency when using collectors when you need hot water or even for heating your pool.

Viessmann domestic hot water boilers
With Viessmann's innovative domestic hot water heaters, you maximize your comfort and minimize your energy costs. Maximum recovery rates, a large volume of water heating and minimal losses while in standby mode guarantee you continuous comfort, convenience, efficiency and security at home.

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