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Olimpia Splendid – Fan coils, heat pumps for air conditioning and high level heating
Olimpia Splendid is an Italian company founded in 1956. and is a world leader in air conditioning, heating, air purification and hydraulic systems thanks to its unique and innovative products. For more than 60 years, Olimpia Splendid has been presenting its products in Italy and on international markets in more than 45 countries.
Comfort is of paramount importance and is a priority for the company as the goal is to design and construct products with the highest aesthetics, the most innovative technology and care for the environment. The priorities that are leading for the brand are innovation, unique design, high environmental sustainability, incomparable quality of service, own production technology in Italy.
Olimpia Splendid receives 1st prize Design and innovation as the originality and elegance of the designs that characterize Olimpia Splendid products have been repeatedly awarded by the most prestigious international judges for design competitions.

Fan coils Olimpia Splendid
You have the opportunity to use the remote control of your air conditioner with a wi-fi application. Inverter fan coil units with high heat transfer are designed to maximize efficiency, providing power and acceleration.
High-efficiency wall-mounted air conditioner crosses every limit to provide the highest comfort in the most extreme conditions (down to -22 ° C). The highest quality innovative technology and maximum utility thanks to the optional wi-fi kit, with which you have the ability to control the convector directly from your smartphone – for convenience that is unique, just like you.
There is a series of convectors designed for air conditioning of multi-level sectors and commercial sites and the installation is through a single outdoor unit, to which are connected up to 5 indoor units in the wall, each designed for air conditioning in one room.

Olimpia Splendid heat pumps
Air-to-water monoblock heat pump, which provides year-round control of the weather and your climate. No fossil fuel is used: the energy in the air is used by multiplying and thus working as 75% of the energy is free, renewable and clean.
The engineering of the components has made it possible to install a three-way valve for domestic hot water control, as its significantly reduced size allows installation to take place even in a kitchen cabinet. The control is extremely flexible and easy and the following interfaces can be used: The programmable thermostat (included in the set) with a very practical readable liquid crystal display. It contains the most innovative functions for controlling the different types of heat pump systems that have been created. The logic of operation takes into account the climate season and the required heat load and thus regulates the engine frequency based on the difference between the outside ambient temperature and the water flow temperature.

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