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Immergas - Boilers, condensing boilers, heat pumps, collectors
Immergas is an Italian company founded in 1964. It is a leading manufacturer of gas boilers that create warmth and comfort in every home. In about 50 years, the company has produced about 5,000,000 gas boilers. The company's equipment is used in more than 43 countries. In 2000 the company develops condensing boilers, which are still the most efficient and economical heaters. They are characterized by high environmental safety and productivity. In 2010 Immergas introduces new hybrid systems suitable for heating, cooling and hot water production. Today, as 50 years ago, the company continues to offer products that are constantly evolving and improving, providing comfort, safety and care for the environment.
Over 60% of the production of Immergas (Italy) is sold abroad, which proves that it is in a solid leading position in the Italian market. It retains its main center for design and production in Italy, gradually opening its doors to new markets, getting acquainted with the countries and their specific requirements. The most intensive efforts for globalization are in the period 1995-2005 - priority is given to the quality of products and the quality of services. Immergas boilers are sold worldwide only through qualified professionals who support the training of technicians with regular refresher courses. The result of this evolution is a widespread retail network in over 50 countries that sells high-efficiency heat generators.

Condensing boilers Immergas
The condensing system provides significant savings in the running costs of new heating systems and in the replacement of obsolete units in existing systems. The efficiency of Immergas condensing boilers meets the efficiency standards of the new heating systems. They are also certified in classes 5 and 6, the highest environmental classes defined by technical standards. The range of flues and pipes allows high extensions as well as quick, easy installation.
Immergas offers a full range of compact instant domestic hot water boilers to meet the various requirements of the system and space. There are models with natural draft and sealed chambers, versions for indoor use and others for outdoor installation in partially protected areas. All boilers are environmentally friendly and are always below the maximum emission limit for nitrogen oxides set by the directive and are available in natural gas or GPL fuel versions.

Immergas heat pumps
Immergas heat pumps are perfect for climate control in homes, offices and entire buildings, both in summer and in winter. These air-to-water heat pumps use outdoor air as a source of renewable energy: one of the most innovative solutions in terms of energy efficiency and its increase, minimization of running costs and reduction of polluting emissions to the environment.

Immergas solar collectors
Thanks to the full range of Immergas' solar range, it is easy for installers to offer systems that use renewable sources that save energy and reduce running costs with innovative solutions for every type of home. All products in the Immergas range make it possible to use solar heating in addition to water heating, home heating or both.

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