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  • Dehumidifier for pools  DanVex DEH-1200p

    Dehumidifier for pools DanVex DEH-1200p

    4400 лв.
  • Professional Dehumidifier  DanVex DEH-1200i

    Professional Dehumidifier DanVex DEH-1200i

    3700 лв.

DanVex - Dehumidifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers for swimming pools
DanVex's effectiveness has been proven over time and provides information with honesty so that users can make their difficult but informed choice. The company was founded in Finland in 1996 and quickly built its reputation through high productivity, technological innovation and quality design.
DanVex is a global brand with long-standing satisfied customers from all over the world and the distribution network is constantly expanding both in the country and internationally. New products continue to gain market share and today DanVex is among the European leaders in the fields of drying, heating and new forms of energy.
DanVex's motto is that the future is achieved successfully with quality assurance, first-class service and unquestionable reliability.

DanVex professional humidifiers
Ultrasonic humidifiers, which have a built-in fog production module, and its ultrasonic nozzles can be dismantled and replaced as needed, conveniently maintaining highly efficient humidification through maximum levels of relative humidity. The products of this series have high quality control with exceptional accuracy in the range of + 5%. DanVex humidifiers are convenient and practical for transport and installation, there are two options - either to be movable on wheels or to be positioned by installation. There are two options for operating mode - one is automatic and the other - manual mode and of course everything is determined by customer needs. The body of the device is made of stainless steel, which is the main reason why it is strong, safe and easy to clean.
DanVex professional humidifiers are ideal for achieving optimal humidity in rooms with a cubic capacity of up to 1000 cubic meters and they not only create a wonderful indoor climate, but also create great conditions for storage and storage of various materials. Such as expensive wood, furniture with high antique value, pharmaceuticals - medicines. They are also extremely suitable for national sites such as museums, libraries, galleries and others.

DanVex dehumidifiers
The need for efficient air drying does not only affect construction sites, rooms with high humidity, production processes, swimming pools - where humidity control is a visible problem. In many cases, controlling the humidity in the air reflects on people and objects. As the rise in energy prices is indisputable, the buildings are very insulated unlike before and this leads to a constant temperature - yes, but it makes air circulation difficult and thus the humidity starts to cause problems because it is closed. A definite sign of the presence of high humidity in the premises is the sweating of the windows.
The principle of operation of Danvex dehumidifiers is categorized in 2 ways - in type 1 the devices circulate air in the room as the moist air is sucked from the device, inside it passes through a heat exchanger, which is cooled to a very low temperature by a refrigeration system and the dried air is fed back into the room. When the moist air is connected to the cooled heat exchanger, moisture condenses on it and drains into the water collection tank. Household, industrial and dehumidifiers for swimming pools and spas work on this principle.
In type 2 dehumidifiers, the moist air passes through a part on which there is a coating of a material that has the property of absorbing water. Subsequently, the water is removed from the element and it is regenerated for the next cycle with the help of a jet of warm air.

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