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Daikin is a Japanese multinational company with a strong presence in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, India and Southeast Asia. It was founded in 1924 in Osaka and began as a chemical organization with an interest in air conditioning. The company has 8 divisions that specialize in: Air conditioning systems; Transport; Chemicals; Electronics; Defense industry; Cooling systems; Semiconductors; Hydraulic fluids. In 2006, Daikin acquired OYL Group and McQuay International, making it the world's second largest manufacturer of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Daikin has been around for almost 100 years and has a clear goal: no one should give up comfort in favor of targeted energy savings. To this end, the Japanese company manufactures and sells extremely reliable air conditioning systems. The quality of the individual components of Daikin air conditioners is amazing. Daikin also includes intelligent methods for managing the individual indoor climate. Focus and aspiration is a complete package of ideal solutions for commercial use.
Cooling, heating and humidity control can be done easily and conveniently with one hand thanks to the special design of Daikin devices. In addition, the company offers products with a specially designed Intelligent Eye sensor, which allows you to achieve optimal airflow.
Thanks to special ventilation technology for air purification, Daikin air conditioners make sure that viruses, molds and bacteria have a small chance in the climate. This eliminates a number of allergens.

Quality and energy efficient air conditioner
Regardless of the Daikin air conditioner model - you will receive a product that will serve you completely loyally for many years. The technologies on which the company relies are focused on energy efficiency in all aspects. This allows both environmental protection and saving a lot of money. Among the most sought-after innovations in this regard is without a doubt Bluevolution technology. Daikin's main goal is to achieve maximum energy efficiency!

Experience in building air conditioning systems
With its vast experience in building air conditioning, Daikin today offers products that are undoubtedly one of the most economical and reliable solutions on the market. Maximum comfort, ease of use and easy installation can convince even the most picky customers. Another characteristic feature of Daikin air conditioners is that they are very flexible and have numerous opportunities to expand and upgrade air conditioning systems. In this way, different types of indoor units can be connected to the outdoor unit. In addition to the classic wall air conditioners, suspended ceiling devices are also possible. By purchasing a Daikin air conditioner, you get the best quality with the largest possible application.

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