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Water fan coils

  • Fan coil  Crystal BGR-400L/R

    Fan coil Crystal BGR-400L/R

    740 лв.
  • Fan coil  Crystal BGR-200L/R

    Fan coil Crystal BGR-200L/R

    620 лв.
  • Fan coil  Crystal BGR-800L/R

    Fan coil Crystal BGR-800L/R

    930 лв.
  • Fan coil  Crystal BGR-600L/R

    Fan coil Crystal BGR-600L/R

    830 лв.

Water convectors are heating / cooling units designed for heating and cooling, by connecting to heat pumps, boilers, gas systems, chillers and others.
They have two terminals for connection to the installation - supply and return. The system supplies heated or cooled fluid, which passes through the heat exchanger of the water convector and by means of a fan its temperature is taken and given in the room. The structure of the fan and the electric motor, which modulates the speed, guarantees absolutely equal air distribution and the same room temperature.
The power of the convectors depends on the temperature maintained by the coolant.
In order for the system to be effective, its components must be properly dimensioned.
Convectors can be used only for heating and are suitable for replacing radiators.
According to the method of installation they are:
• High-wall
• Floor-wall
• Cassette
• For concealed installation
They are widely used in homes, offices, public and industrial buildings, commercial premises.

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